History of the ensemble

The history of the ensemble began in 1987, when artists from many different countries of the former Soviet Union came together and created the first touring membership. With the time three departments have been formed: ballet, vocal and orchestral. The total number of artists was about 30 people. The ensemble was headed by the Honoured Cultural Worker of Belarus E.Shtop.
The ensemble of dancers, musicians and singers “Belye Rosy” was created in the Grodno regional Philharmonia and was designed to meet the cultural needs of the residents of Grodno and Grodno region. However, a year later the ensemble went with touring around outside the country, far exceeding the boundaries of the western region of Belarus – Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Russia. Then the ensemble received proposals of collaboration from foreign impresario.

In 1992 “Belye rosy” started a long term association with the Spanish concert agency “MiraSpain”. At the same time the ensemble toured many countries in Europe.
In 2003,the Honoured Artist of Belarus Vera Voinova headed “Belye rosy”. The ensemble starts making new programs – “Apovests byloga suchasnym piarom”, “The Slavic project”, “Chym bagaty”, “Akontsa na uskhod sontsa”. The geography of tours was expanded.
In 2005, the ensemble was awarded the State Prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus in the “Art of choreography”. In 2011, the ensemble of dancers, musicians and singers “Belye rosy” got separated from the Philharmonia and became an independent state cultural institution.
Today, the ensemble counts 98 people – the artistic staff, the administration and the technical staff.
The ensemble “Belye rosy” has its own base, 1047m² big, a comfortable bus class E5 (2012 release), a recording studio and a large range of stage costumes and instruments.
The story is still going on…
The most important gigs in the history of the ensemble “Belye rosy”
1990 – the international Peninsula festival
1991 – the international economic forum in Davos, Switzerland
1992 – participation in shooting for American TV (Leningrad, “Pulkovskaya” hotel)
1995 – Days of Culture of Republic of Belarus in Germany
1998 – participation in shooting entertainment shows TVE-1 (Madrid, Spain). The ensemble “Belye rosy” was recognized by Spanish critics as “The best touring ensemble in Spain in 1988”
2002 – tours in Zurich, Bern, Geneva
2005 – Days of Culture of Republic of Belarus in Serbia; tour with the concert agency “Pariconzert” (France)
2007 – tour in PRC
2009 – tour in Paris, France
2010 – Belarusian year-end closing in Russia (the concert hall named after P. Chaikovsky, Moscow)
2012 – Days of Culture of Republic of Belarus in PRC (Beijing)